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Jonny Hannah

Jonny Hannah is a freelance illustrator. He has many passions, including the music of Hank Williams, hand drawn lettering & the films of Jacques Tati. He is also obsessed with Folk & Folklore. But not the folk of deep, dark forests, dragons, knights & maidens. But what he calls ‘urban folklore’ – the stuff that comes from the concrete ground up. The Hexham Heads, the songs of Alex Glasgow, & scrimshaw, amongst many other folkloric happenings. His last big project called Northumberland Folk, explored the length & the breadth of that fine county, all executed whilst illustrating a book called The Story of the Skids, by Richard Jobson. And his new exhibitions – Shipbuilders & Fisherfolk, a homage to the fair town of Hartlepool, found him equally immersed in the history & current happenings of Codheads, West Dockers & all.


He has illustrated, written & assembled various books, including Greetings from Darktown, Fast cars & Ukuleles, & hot off the St Jude’s/Random Spectacular press, Let there be Light.  He also plays in a top beat combo, The Postmen, delivering urban folk anthems with council estate choruses, about the pandemic, the existential uncertainty of life, & the Elephant Rock.

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