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Clare Curtis

I studied illustration and printmaking in Dundee and after spending time in London developing a career in illustration, I returned to my hometown of Felixstowe to pursue my love of printmaking. 


 I’m chiefly a lino cutter, but also produce lithographs and screen prints. There are so many aspects to printmaking that make it a fascinating process. There is the challenge of a new design, working out how one block or screen will work with the next. I compare it to the satisfaction of solving a giant puzzle. The practical craft skills; the drawing and cutting; the colour mixing; the use of the press, all these are fulfilling in different ways.  


 My work reflects my passion for British 20th century art and design and although the subject matter may vary, my love of plants and gardens and my coastal environment means they inevitably find their way into much of her work. 


Throughout my career I have worked and collaborated with individuals who share my enthusiasm for printing, illustration and design. I’ve made artwork for book covers, packaging, murals and textiles and recently collaborated with two different print studios to make prints for the Victoria and Albert and the Hepworth Wakefield museums.

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