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Emily Ketteringham

Emily’s work is about layering and precision, it is often inspired by geology and rocks. The overarching theme that unites all her work is her love and exploration of colour. Emily has Aphantasia and so finds it very hard to retain visual memories. Beautiful landscapes make a strong visual and emotional impact on her when she is in front of them, but the memory is lost to her as soon as she walks away. Emily is left with a sense of space, fleeting impressions and hints of colour, but no firm images in her mind.


Her current body of work is an attempt to answer the question of how you make work about a landscape that you can’t remember. With her circle prints, Emily tries to build/consolidate memories of place by investigating and experimenting with colours found within photographs taken on walks. Working with very translucent inks, Emily enjoys exploring the space between control and chance – mixing very precise colours, but then embracing the new colours that are created when the inks overlap on the paper. Emily has a studio in Centrespace.

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