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About Screenprint 2024

An Exhibition of Screenprints by Artists from the UK and Abroad

Screenprint 2024 is a premier art exhibition that showcases the best of screenprinting by artists from the UK and abroad. Our exhibition features a wide range of unique and stunning screenprints that capture the creativity and diversity of the contemporary art scene. We bring together artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate this vibrant and exciting form of art. Come and experience the magic of screenprinting at Screenprint 2024!

Belinda Hass

Art Curator

Belinda Hass is a seasoned art curator with over two decades of experience in the art world. She has curated numerous exhibitions and events across the UK and abroad, and has a keen eye for spotting new and upcoming talent.

Jon Michele

Business and Operations Director

Jon Michele is a highly skilled business and operations director with a proven track record of success. He has worked with numerous art organizations and has a deep understanding of the art market and industry trends.

Elena Styles

Artist Director

Elena Styles is a talented artist and the artist director at Screenprint 2024. She is responsible for selecting and curating the works of art that are featured in our exhibitions.

Roann Porter

Exhibitions and Events Coordinator

Roann Porter is an experienced exhibitions and events coordinator with a passion for art and culture. She ensures that all of our exhibitions and events run smoothly and are enjoyed by all of our visitors.

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